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  • "I truly see this game as a real breakthrough"

    Prof. Michael Melzer, recorder artist, VP Jerusalem Academy of Music

  • "My students really are into the recorder games and it is a great incentive to learn the recorder"

    Rob Frederick, hall of fame teacher

  • "I can see that it will have a lot of value to teachers and students and will be recommending it to everyone!!!"

    James, elementary music teacher, Chicago

  • "Congratulations on founding one of the greatest programs I have ever seen for the elementary school music student"

    Mary Jo DePaola, music teacher

  • "I'm digging this program!!! It's a lot of fun for me as a teacher"

    Sharon, Curriculum Support Coordinator, Australia

  • "I'm getting so much things done in class now that my students started practicing with your game at home"

    Ann, music program director

  • "I loved it so much I placed your link on our school website. Thank you!"

    Mike, head of music program, UK

  • "They actually started practicing at home. It's fun being the coolest teacher around :)"

    Danny, elementary music teacher, NY

  • “Children will be drawn to their recorder in a way that will give the word ‘practicing’ a new meaning.”

    Prof. Karel van Steenhoven, recorder artist, Germany


Endorsements and Testimonials

"We were impressed by how much and how well the game encouraged our testers to practice, and by how much they learned... Steady practice with the program's fundamentals may bring much-welcomed harmony to your family room."

Emily Crawford, 2010 Parents' Choice Awards

“I truly see this game as a real breakthrough”

Prof. Michael Melzer, VP Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, recorder artist

“In a playful and almost addictive game, children will be drawn to their recorder in a way … that will give the word ‘practicing’ a new meaning.”

Prof. Karel van Steenhoven, University of Music, Karlsruhe, Germany

Best teaching tool for young beginners - "I loved this product because it made music learning very fun and enjoyable...The graphics and visual design is also wonderful and would be very appealing to children."

Theresa Chen, Judge at NAMM "Best Tools for Schools", early childhood music specialist

"A system that will let a child learn how to play an instrument in the most effective way of all: by playing a game".

KillerStartups, October, 2010

"Finally, my daughter started to practice. Getting music into my homeschooling schedule was a big challenge and the JoyTunes game really helped. Katie truly loves this game and I love the music she's playing."

Sharon, mother of Katie, teaches music at home

"Students' responses to the game were very positive and their motivation increased. Students came to me and said, 'look, I know that song by heart, I played at home…'"

Ruth, Music Teacher, teaches fourth graders

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