What people are saying

  • I can see that it will have a lot of value to teachers and students and will be recommending it to everyone!!!

    James, elementary music teacher, Chicago
  • Children are drawn to their instruments in a way that gives the word ‘practicing’ a new meaning.

    Prof. Karel van Steenhoven, Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, Germany
  • This app brought back so many wonderful memories

    Daniel, former piano player, Denver
  • Congratulations on founding one of the greatest programs I have ever seen for the elementary school music student

    Mary Jo DePaola, music teacher
  • I truly see this game as a real breakthrough

    Prof. Michael Melzer, VP Jerusalem Academy of Music
  • I was amazed when my daughter started playing complete melodies within hours.

    John, father of 8 year old Ashley
  • I loved it so much I placed your link on our school website. Thank you!

    Mike, head of music program, UK
Piano Dust Buster 2- best introduction app for piano

Piano Dust Buster 2.0

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Recorder Master

Learn to play the recorder in a fun and addictive way. Available for iPad and online (PC, Mac). Play notes on the recorder to avoid obstacles, collect bonuses and scare away evil birds.

Piano Summer Games

Learn to play national anthems from around the world and compete for medals.

Recorder Express

Practice songs from Alfred Publishing's Recorder express sheet music in a new exciting way.

Piano Maestro- best piano practice tool

Piano Maestro

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