JoyTunes is Growing

We are an intimate start-up creating kick-ass web and mobile tools for music education. We're growing, big time - over 1 million songs are played in our apps every week - and we are looking for more super talented team members to join us on our journey.

This is your chance to join the small core team. Make an impact. Have fun.

We need –

See below 5 ways to know if you’re a match for JoyTunes.

More about us

We work agile in two weeks sprints. We're a start-up - but keep sane hours and make sure never to skip the Thursday evening happy hour. We’re very passionate about what we do and enjoy making a huge impact while having a lot of fun. It’s easy when you’re on the crossroads of music, technology, gaming and education...


Super Developer

5 ways to know if you’re the one

You're passionate about development

Our dev team consists of hardcore blog-writing - hackathon-arranging - podcast-casting - extremely-talented developers that love design and coding. While we don't require "prior knowledge" you need to have significant experience in *some* technology and to be a fast learner for it to work.

You're a highly independent team player

(yes, exactly that) We code alone (* except when we pair) but make all important decisions together. We're mutually committed to each other and our products.

You get high on new technologies and platforms

Most of us learned developing for iOS from scratch, and now master it. We're excited about all the other great technologies the future has in store for us.

You're Customer-oriented

You lose sleep on understanding the pains and needs of the people who use your product, and you're passionate and creative on how to address them.

You can bring something extra and relevant to the team

Whether you're a musician wannabe, a professional gamer or have a good artistic touch - we love "super powers".


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Web Genie

5 ways to know if you’re the one

Be a proven web genie

Have significant experience in end-to-end web development. Be able to create complete, cross-browser and mobile friendly web sites from given photoshop designs.

Be a natural leader

Be highly independent, able to lead an effort by working with graphic designers and fellow developers. Just to get things straight, your first step would be to choose the technologies you would use - you should be confident and professional enough to make the right choice.

Know your domain

Have solid knowledge and attention to SEO considerations in building a site, as well as performance and loading time issues, multiple devices and screen sizes. To put it shortly, your sites load fast and clean, anywhere.

Be marketing oriented, to some extent

Be able to be the technical lead of a non-technical marketing team, find and integrate relevant technologies and creative ways for the team to achieve its goals.

Be an all-purpose developer, to some extent

Big advantage to experience with coding server-side logics, working with Databases and integrating external APIs.


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Music Wizard

5 ways to know if you’re the one

Strong musician, preferably a pianist

Piano teaching experience is a bonus

A healthy approach to tech and computers

Some experience in making arrangements (in general)

Experience working with logic/cubase or another music editing software is a big bonus


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