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  • "I'm getting so much things done in class now that my students started practicing with your game at home"

    Ann, music program director

  • “Children will be drawn to their recorder in a way that will give the word ‘practicing’ a new meaning.”

    Prof. Karel van Steenhoven, recorder artist, Germany

  • "I can see that it will have a lot of value to teachers and students and will be recommending it to everyone!!!"

    James, elementary music teacher, Chicago

  • "Congratulations on founding one of the greatest programs I have ever seen for the elementary school music student"

    Mary Jo DePaola, music teacher

  • "I'm digging this program!!! It's a lot of fun for me as a teacher"

    Sharon, Curriculum Support Coordinator, Australia

  • "I truly see this game as a real breakthrough"

    Prof. Michael Melzer, recorder artist, VP Jerusalem Academy of Music

  • "I loved it so much I placed your link on our school website. Thank you!"

    Mike, head of music program, UK

  • "They actually started practicing at home. It's fun being the coolest teacher around :)"

    Danny, elementary music teacher, NY

  • "My students really are into the recorder games and it is a great incentive to learn the recorder"

    Rob Frederick, hall of fame teacher


Study Results from the Ministry of Education


In 2011 two field studies were conducted with the full support and cooperation of the Israeli Ministry of Education.

The first pilot study was conducted on several groups of recorder players under the supervision and encouragement of their music teachers. The purpose of the study was to examine the usability and introduction of the game and monitor any immediate impacts of the product.

The second study was done in two different districts – again on specific classes that were chosen by the district supervisors. The purpose of that study was to examine teachers' responses and evaluate short-term effects (2-3 months). Throughout the process, general game flow statistics were collected and summarized.

Preliminary Results

Music Motivation Study Results

Student improvement rate was higher with the game.
Home practice efforts were visible only for the group with the game

  1. The average number of playing sessions in the course of two weeks after receiving the game was 7.5. Average duration was almost two hours (109 minutes).
  2. Study 2: More than 94 hours of practice time were monitored during a period of less than two months.
  3. Teacher feedback:


First field study: JoyTunes "Recorder Master” was given to 2 groups of recorder players (20 students total). Another group of students, taught by the same teacher, were not given the game (control group, 10 students). The game was distributed on CDs and the students were encouraged to play the game at home. General game flow statistics were collected: playing duration, levels completed, etc. In addition, in-person interviews and questionnaires were conducted with the relevant teachers to measure student capabilities and immediate progress.

Second field test: JoyTunes "Recorder Master” was given to two leading teachers in different districts (50 students total). In addition to the statistical data that was collected, in-depth interviews were conducted with the teachers at the beginning of the test and after two months.