Piano Maestro- best piano practice tool

The Ultimate Piano Practice Game!

Piano Maestro

Start an exciting journey using your REAL piano!

Practice and learn your sight reading, rhythm, technique and much more.

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In depth learning

Learn how to…

  • Read real sheet music notation and symbols
  • Play melodies in both treble and bass clefs
  • Play with both hands simultaneously
  • Piano Maestro approved by educators and students


Piano Maestro- best piano practice tool

From a newbie to Virtuoso…

  • Progress up in chapters, collecting SKILL POINTS as you play
  • Unlock new songs and raise your difficulty level along the way
  • Become the best pianist out there, playing dozens of hit songs

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Piano Maestro- best piano practice tool

Behind every great pianist is a great teacher

  • Impress your piano teacher with your new achievements
  • A weekly report will be sent directly to your piano teacher saying how awesome you are
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Piano Maestro controlled
by your real piano

Piano Maestro- best piano practice tool

Play with your real instrument:

  • Download Piano Maestro to your iPad
  • Place your iPad on your acoustic piano or keyboard (no wires or any adapters needed!)
  • Play the correct key on your piano when the note reaches the rhythm line
Piano Maestro- best piano practice tool

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