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Recorder Games: "Recorder Master" and "Recorder Express"

Who is the game intended for?

"Recorder Master" and "Recorder Express" are intended for children aged six years and up. These are computer games like all others, but with a surprising twist – instead of using a mouse, joystick or keyboard, the games are controlled by playing a recorder! That’s what makes it a revolutionary tool for practicing and teaching the recorder.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. All you need to do is plug a standard microphone into your computer, play your regular recorder and start the fun! Our revolutionary technology transforms the tones you play into actions in the game.

Can you really learn to play the recorder with this game?

The game was built by experts in the field of recorder and music teaching. The different game levels are designed to develop a variety of important musical skills - from correct tone production of a single note to correct rhythm and timing of complete songs, all in the setting of a fun game. This is not just another piece of educational software, nor is it just another fun computer game...

The "Recorder Master" game is more of an introduction game for the recorder, while the "Recorder Express" game accompanies the great method book by Artie Almeida and reaches higher levels. If you don't have the book, you can get one here.

My child is already learning to play the recorder in school. How can he benefit from the game?

These games have been tested by children with different musical backgrounds, from those with no musical experience whatsoever to advanced recorder students. The games had a significant impact on all of them, helping each child improve from his/her individual starting level. The games are a wonderful supplement for formal recorder lessons, encouraging children to practice between lessons.
Visit our blog for more information. We are especially proud of the wonderful results of the study that was conducted during 2011.

My child is already learning to play another instrument. Will she still benefit from the game?

The games do not replace formal instruction of an instrument. They replace other computer and video games that contribute very little to your child's development. By playing with JoyTunes your child will learn to play the recorder in addition to the other instruments, and improve general music skills - many of which are transferable between instruments.

My child is only four years old. What can I do?

Children under the age of six typically have difficulty producing specific sounds due to premature motor skills. Your child might find the games very difficult and become frustrated or inattentive. Of course, motor skills vary significantly from child to child. Younger children may also enjoy the games with the help of an adult.


Do you need a special kind of recorder?

Definitely not - all you need is just a regular soprano recorder and a standard microphone.

What if I don’t have a recorder or a microphone?

You can purchase a recorder at almost any music or toy store, and microphones are available at any computer and electronics store. Specifically, the game has been tested and verified with a selection of recorders and microphones that can be found on Amazon.
Get a Recorder
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In addition, the iPad version of JoyTunes "Recorder Master" doesn't require an external microphone. You can get it on the Appstore.

Can more than one person play simultaneously?

The game is currently designed for only one player at a time. However, children may play together by taking turns or by assigning different notes to different players. Try it – it’s a lot of fun!

Can adults also play?