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  • "I'm getting so much things done in class now that my students started practicing with your game at home"

    Ann, music program director

  • "I can see that it will have a lot of value to teachers and students and will be recommending it to everyone!!!"

    James, elementary music teacher, Chicago

  • "My students really are into the recorder games and it is a great incentive to learn the recorder"

    Rob Frederick, hall of fame teacher

  • "I truly see this game as a real breakthrough"

    Prof. Michael Melzer, recorder artist, VP Jerusalem Academy of Music

  • "I'm digging this program!!! It's a lot of fun for me as a teacher"

    Sharon, Curriculum Support Coordinator, Australia

  • "Congratulations on founding one of the greatest programs I have ever seen for the elementary school music student"

    Mary Jo DePaola, music teacher

  • "I loved it so much I placed your link on our school website. Thank you!"

    Mike, head of music program, UK

  • "They actually started practicing at home. It's fun being the coolest teacher around :)"

    Danny, elementary music teacher, NY

  • “Children will be drawn to their recorder in a way that will give the word ‘practicing’ a new meaning.”

    Prof. Karel van Steenhoven, recorder artist, Germany


The Program

This program is designed to help your students practice their recorder in a fun and engaging way. It can be used as a Homework Platform, in various Class Activities or merely as a Bonus Game at home, reinforcing your teaching.

There are 2 different products: Recorder Master - gradually practicing from the very beginning, and Recorder Express - following page by page the popular recorder method book “Recorder-Express” by Alfred Publishing and Artie Almeida.

The Learning Process

The program is divided to lessons, represented by different picture icons. Each icon (lesson) is a group of levels working on producing a certain note, a finger transition or new songs. As your student advances, new notes are introduced and harder fingering patterns and songs are practiced. See Game Curriculum

Giving Homework with JoyTunes - Progress Reports

JoyTunes is the perfect way to give homework and have them actually done. The curriculum is very clear on one hand, and the program is extremely fun on the other. You will see how easy it is to give assignments with it, and how enthusiastic your students are going to be to finish them. And here’s another beauty - As your students play at home, you get weekly progress reports showing you how your students are doing - who got where, who played what, how long and more. See Sample Report

The Principle is Simple - every icon (also called “world”) works on something specific. For instance, the “B-A transition”, producing the note “Middle D” etc. (see complete lesson list in the Game Curriculum). This means that depending on your teaching method, you can simply ask your students to play a certain world, a certain song or even reach a certain score (showing performance) depending on their progress. Then you can always check how they did with our progress reports. For instance, after teaching the note A - “for the next lesson please finish world number 3 (the B-A transition). Whoever gets 3 notes in the last level get a “great job!” sticker”.

Then you can open your report and check who finished world 3, what was their score, who had trouble doing it etc. To really understand how it works we recommend you try it yourself (free). Join and Try it Yourself

JoyTunes As a Bonus Game - Reinforcing Your Teaching

You don’t necessarily have to change anything with your teaching. A lot of our registered educators use it simply as a motivational tool to practice the recorder between lessons - without giving homework or using it in class. They tell their students about the game (sometimes they demonstrate it shortly in class) and ask them to try it. From reports we’ve been getting, students who try it will most likely be drawn to play the game (and get better much faster). But the really amazing part is that students who play it, mostly get excited about their recorder in general and are more likely to do the regular home assignments you give them.

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